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Our Long-Gone Childhood

We were the apple of our parent’s eye. Parents spend their lifetime to love and cherish us. They would protect and keep us safe no matter what it takes, no matter what it costs. They would motivate us to overcome all the challenges or adversities that we are facing.


As time passed quickly, we have to deal with all the heavy burdens and responsibilities. Our enthusiasm and happiness have been taken away by the harsh social and reality of the world today. Have you ever felt that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Sometimes, I do miss those good old days when i was a silly child. I can easily find happiness from a cup of ice-cream or from the twinkling stars. Do you miss those good old days when you were a child ?


In this online exhibition, we displayed various Alvin Li’s artworks to show his unique vision of Hong Kong. We hope his vivid artworks can bring back some of your beautiful childhood memories.



Under the parental discipline, kids can easily find a sense of happiness and freedom from a cup of ice-cream. Perhaps this is the reason why humans like ice cream.

about Artist


Tze Shun likes to take the signature attractions and traditional cultures of Hong Kong as his creative concepts. The use of vivid colors and shapes represent his pure joy and the energetic side of Hong Kong. When he was a child, he was weak in learning, lacking concepts of language, communication and space. Gratefully there is a compassionate teacher who saw his talent in drawing. Under the patient guidance of the teacher, Tze Shun gradually elevated both interests and skills in painting that has brought him not only exploration of a new model of learning but also a new life.

Artist with disability

Li Alvin Tze-shun



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