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The Taste of Life






When we were young, our parents told us that we need to be honest. However, when we grew up, the world taught us not to be honest and to put away all our real emotions and thoughts. If "took the flowers, then constructed the buildings" is the sorrow of the disappearance of nature. Maybe “dry all our tears, and then put on a mask” is the most suitable way to describe our busy urban life.


Growth may be a timeless subject. There are no shortcuts or guidebooks for growth. All we can do is to adjust ourselves in every situation and keep learning from every challenges. 

In this online exhibition, we displayed various Apple Tong’s artworks to let you experience a different taste of life.

人工癒合 The Healing Zipper


到漸漸長大成人,他們卻訓示我們跌倒要爬起來,不許哭。難道長大了,跌倒便不痛? 我們就不能哭 ?



When we were young, we fell, parents always comforted us and wipe the tears from our eyes. Ironically, when we grew up and became an adult, they told us not to cry when we fall. Is it mean adult couldn't get hurt when they fall? Can we just cry out loud like a baby when we fall?


Eventually, we attached a healing zipper on our wounded heart, swallow all the tears and lock up sadness and painful with one pull.



The Guiding Light



I climbed to the highest mountain, walk through the sea of clouds and thick fog because of you. 

All of your light shining in my eyes and light up my darkness. 

About Artist





Apple is a graphic designer, an illustrator and a freelance artist. She is passionate about arts and painting despite of her congenital deafness. After graduation from high school, she studied in Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Interior Architecture.


Apple has actively participated in different art exhibitions, competitions and activities. She hopes to promote the idea of equality in Art and social inclusion through her artworks. In 2014, she published her picture book “The Smile of Silent Angel”, and performed in “Gala Extraordinary – Stage of Ability 2014” presented by RTHK. In 2015, Apple won the 1st Prize in Character Design Competition, Painting Competition and Poster Design Competition of “The 9th Hong Kong Abilympics”. In the same year, Apple’s artworks have been showcased in “ARTram Shelters” 3D Painting Exhibition and her first solo exhibition “See What I Said”. In 2019, her artwork received the Excellence Award in the Etnet Art completion for Social Inclusion.


Apple Tong Wing Yin

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